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What is likecoin?

Likecoin is a digital currency that the authors of content are rewarded for each YouTube like.

Likecoin is based on Blockchain technology using the mechanism called “Proof of Popularity”: the higher the popularity of the video and the more likes it gets, the bigger is the amount of cryptocurrency rewarded to the author.

This technology makes it possible to monetize video content easily and to get a decent reward without adding any advertising or attracting advertising agencies.

No matter whether you are a YouTube superstar or just a beginning videoblogger, anyone who knows how to make an interesting video, should receive a deserved reward! To monetize the video you will no longer have to annoy your subscribers with long and intrusive advertising. From now every videoblogger will be able to think only about the quality of the content, Likecoin will take care of monetization!

How does it work?

3 simple steps to earning money on your video blog:

Get crypto coins for each like that your video gets.


For whom Likecoin?

For YouTube stars and popular channels

It is almost impossible to earn significant money in YouTube, even if you are a popular video blogger with a crowd of loyal fans. Advertising does not always bring the desired income, and the large amount of it annoys subscribers. Likecoin is specially designed in order to make the process of monetization of your videos easy and fair. This is a cryptocurrency that is given for each received YouTube like.
Earned coins can be freely exchanged between participants, and can be changed to other cryptocurrencies or real money.

For beginning video bloggers

It makes sense to join Likecoin even for those who do not yet have a large audience. The emission of coins in the system is nonlinear and a larger number of coins will belong to those who joined the system at an early stage.
In addition, unlike YouTube, the system has no minimum requirements for the number of subscribers and views – you can start earning from the very first like.

For crypto investors

Likecoin is a new promising asset that is dynamically developing and growing. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Likecoin is a currency that is used not just by a narrow circle of geeks and crypton enthusiasts, but by a large number of video bloggers and their subscribers which as a consequence contributes to the growth of its popularity.
Moreover, the emission of coins in the system is highly non-linear in time: at an early stage of development, a large number of coins are issued; eventually growth slows down significantly. By investing small amounts of money in cryptocurrencies, a crypto investor can potentially earn significant income in the future due to the growing of the popularity and the demand.


Everything from check-in wallet to receiving coins to your account
Earnings from the first like
No need to wait until your channel is popular and collects thousands of subscribers. Start earning now.
Easy to start
Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Likecoin is arranged as clear as it possible. Wallet registration will take less than a minute.
Freedom of creativity
Finding an advertiser for your blog and negotiating with them is a time-consuming process. Make this time free, leave it for creativity. More time to create content, less time to search for monetization.
Openly and fair
The whole system is based on blockchain technology and therefore is absolutely transparent. All transactions and issue of coins are in public access.
Unlike most cryptocurrencies, here your private key is a secret phrase that only you know. It is not stored on the disk, it can not be lost, it can not be the target of viruses-hackers.


The mission is to create a simple and fair way to monetize author content. To develop a simple, clear and convenient ecosystem, allowing the authors of interesting video content to concentrate on their work and focus primarily on their subscribers, rather than on the requirements of the hosting websites or the wishes of advertisers.


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